(2006-2015) Silver the hedgehog is a fictional character in sonic the hedgehog.


Silver was born in semtember 13 2206. He lived in the time of terminators and he witnessed his parents get shot dead but T-5000s and get turned into Hedgehog stew. Silver was adopted and raised as a pet hedgehog. But he decided to take a vacation to the present and traveled to 2006 in November. 


Silver is excellent at dodgeball since he can teleport dodging them and use his telekenis to throw. He was the champion of dodgeball.

Replacement of shadow

after Shadow's death in 2011 Silver took his place as the new cool hedgehog.

Presumed death

in 2015 Silver decided to take another vacation to the past so Sonic and his friends somehow made a time and space portal where Silver goes into and travels to the stone age he meets the flinstones. Only for Fredy Flinstone to bonk him on the head with his club and repeadedly beat him since He wanted to make Silver into roast hedgehpg. Silver suffered skull parplations and fell of the cave presumingly killing him.