Silver the Hedgehog





One minute Melee


Oh day Magneto was destroying a city. The X men tried to come but where defeated. There was only one more option. That person was a white hedgehog with hair resembling a japanese leaf. Silver approached him.

Silver:hey you stop it.

Go for broke fight

Magneto attacked first lifting off a car and throwing it at Silver causing an explosion. Magneto Charged at Silver but Suddenly he felt himself getting stopped. It was from Silver.

Silver:it's no use take this!

Magneto was thrown back. He was lifted in the air and slammed to the ground. Silver revved up a spindash.


He launched himself at Magneto. Magneto lifts a missile and throws it at Silver causing an explosion. Magneto opens a wormhole and walks in and reappears behind Silver and Punches him. Silver fomred knife like waves and threw them at Magneto. 


Magneto tries to punch silver but Silver teleports behind him and kicks him. Silver revs up a spindash and launched himself at Magneto but Magneto blocks it with a magnetic force field. Magneto uses the gravity control to fly high in the air and Silver uses his telekenis to float in the air and chase him. 


They both face off. Magneto uses his electro magnetic powers to attract lightning and blasts it at Silver. Silver was electricuted and cartoonish stars appeared above his head.Magneto uses his magnetic powers to pull a lightpost. Magneto throws it at Silver but Silver blocks it with a telekenetic shield. When the shield disappears Magneto hits Silver repeadedly with the light post shortly before rearing back.....



Silver was sent flying to the ground. Magneto picks up a truck using his magnetic powers and throws it at Silver causing an explosion. Magneto gets back on the ground. Suddenly Silver sommuns the chaos emeralds sorrounds himself with them and combines them creating an aura as he transformed into Super Silver. 

Super silver final


Super Silver flew at Magneto and punched him. Magneto uses his magnetic powers to pick up a car and throw it at Super Silver. Super Silver isn't affected, He grabs Magneto and throws him.


In Midair Super Silver does multiple quick attacks on Magneto shortly before appearing below him and doing an upward attack. Super Silver disappears and reppears behind Magneto and kicks him in the head sending him head clean off. The head of Magneto flew out of the city while Magneto's headless body fell to the floor landing on a truck and being reduced to a skelaton. 


Super Silver wears off and Silver walked to Sonic. The Mutant's 52 years of evil are over. 

This Melee's victory goes to Silver the Hedgehog