Pity patty-


It's batman vs spiderman 2

Interlude Edit

Wiz: last time on death battle Batman challenged with Spiderman but they have different forms like Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099

Boomstick: they both suck

Wiz: What

Boom: oops its time for a death battle

fight Edit

Batman Beyond walks to see the joker but he sees Spider-Man 2099

Terry McGinnis: Who are you?

2099: I will not tell you my name

Beyond: then fight with me



Batman throws a baterang at spiderman but he dodges it

2099: HAH

Batman: I know you're name your Spider-Man 2099

2099: Oh now you know my name

Batman: Yeah

Spider man punches him 4 times and kicks him 2 times causing batman to get tired spiderman shoots one web at batman batman gets trapped inside the web but he uses lightning to get out the web Spider-Man punches him harder batman kicks him and punches him hard spiderman tries to throw a web at batman but he dodges it batman punches his skull spiderman dies

Batman: Don't mess with me


Batman flies away as spidermans body explode spiderman 2099s body turns into pieces

Results Edit

Boom: Whoa that's cool

Wiz: Spiderman might be stronger and faster then Terry batman can fly

Boomstick: in the end spiderman couldn't keep up

Wiz: the winner is batman beyond
Terry McGinnis wins