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Hyper Anon: Spongebob was born in 1986 to Maraget and Harold Squarepants.

Doge:What the Hell? are those Cookies?

Hyper Anon: No they are sea sponges. Anyway in 1999 Spongebob decided to get a job at the krusty krab. 

Doge:Unlike Usually thing actually went good. 


Name=Spongebob Squarepants.


First Appereance=help wanted 1999

Occupation=Fry Cooking

Trained in Karate

Has a pet Snail Gary

Is really funny

Hyper Anon:due to being a Cartoon Character of course Spongebob possesses great cartoon durability able to survive city explosions. It also may be his spongey material absorbing the blows. 

Doge:Even if Spongebob is blown to bits he can regernerate. Meaning this little Yellow guy is pretty hard to kill. Maybe he will stand a good chance at the death battle. He 

Hyper Anon:Spongebob is an expert at martial arts partically Karate. He kinda throws weak chops but he is still an awesome fighter. He also weilds his might spatula.

Doge:I prefered a Cleaver but still he is very skilled with it. He can use it as a sword to slash his opponents.  But you want to know what the spatula is best at,flipping burgers. But when he also busts out his mighty bubble soap. It may sound stupid but it really isn't and one single bubble can catch people. He can also rapidly blast the bubbles kinda like machines guns. Oh boy!