Springthree is the main antagonist of High School Horror Part 3. She is the cellmate of Maddie.


Some time before the events of High School Horror, Springthree murdered 1x1x1x1's pregnant wife.

When Maddie got arrested she shared a cell with Springthree. After finding out she was trans, Springhtree threatened to kill Maddie. Later at lunch time Springthree beat up Maddie until the Police Officer acusses Maddie of beating up Springthree and punishes Maddie. For 6 days straight, Springthree had constantly abused Maddie, which destroyed Maddie's will to live. On the night before her execution, Springthree had fallen asleep while Maddie was too injured to sleep. Maddie was about lose her will to live until 1x1x1x1 confronted her and told her to appreciate life. After disabling the security cameras, 1x1x1x1 tells Maddie to pass him Springthree's computer which Maddie obliges. 1x1x1x1 cuts off the police's acess to the prison and opens the cells. Some time after 1x1x1x1 opened the cells, Springthree woke up and went downstairs to the lunchroom. The lunch lady was trying to offer her tongue noodle soup to the prisoners until Springthree shoots her dead. Springthree confronts Maddie and is about to kill her but Springthree mentions killing 1x1x1x1's wife which causes 1x1x1x1 to tackle her. Springthree admits to killing 1x1x1x1's wife without any regret. 1x1x1x1 grabs her and Springthree tells him to get off her, 1x1x1x1 tells Springthree to say his wife's name. Springthree tells 1x1x1x1 to get off him or she'll shoot, before she has the chance 1x1x1x1 kills her with a knife swing. 

Her corpse and her computer were later dumped into a incinerator.


  • She was named after a user that got into an argument with Derpythetroll16 in 2015. Derpythetroll16 has nothing against the user now though.