Hyper Anon:Alright the combatants are set let's end this debate once and foreall.

Doge and Spongebob:It's time for a death battle!

It was a peaceful day in minecraftia.Chickens, both hens and cocks(lol BTW cock means rooster) where walking peacefully in and out of the hen house, shortly before laying a handfull of eggs. The pigs where rolling around in the mud,wrestling,eating,and sleeeping in hay stacks. The sheep lay huddled in a herd of their own wool while the lambs climbed on the sheep to get some milk for breakfast. A dog ran chasing some more sheep and barked at them loudly hearding the sheep into the pile making it much bigger. The cows where walking across the beatiful valley and restings against the hills. A villager walked up to the cow and proceeded to milk it. Nothing better than good old fresh straight from the cow milk. Horses galloped across the valley carrying villagers on it. When the horses settled the villagers proceeded to breed them to create strong and fast transportation. The villagers where all doing across their jobs such as farming. A villager sat in his farm of horses,donkeys,and mules. He was trying to make more mules by breeding horses and donkeys. A small crowd of several horses and one mule formed. It was a peaceful day however something bad was gonna happen

In a house with beatiful scenerary with paintings and furnature everywhere lay a man with a torqouise shirt and blue pants on his bed. This was none other than Steve. He was reading a book. It was another day building the village. He had finished his work and stopped to admire it. He had already crafted all the tools he wanted. All he had to do is prepare for the night and save the village from mobs. No fighting now. Just the way he wanted. Peacefulness.

There was a bridge in minecraftia nerby Steve's house. A streak appeared. When the streak slowed down it turned out to be a motorcycle. There was no one on it. Sarcasm aside a lego man was riding it. This was a robloxian. He and other robloxians decided to go on a road trip to minecraftia. The bridge in minecraftia actually leads to robloxia. The robloxian jumps off the motorcycle. He stared at an awesomely built house. He decided to settle in this. What a stupid thing to do. But in roblox, it's a tradition to walk into other people's houses uninvited much to their dismay. The robloxian opened the door and walked in. The Robloxian explored the house. This must cost a lot of robux. Perhaps he is a hacker. Suddenly the minecraftian looked out his door and saw the robloxian. Pulling out his diamond sword he opened the door. He approached the Robloxian. The Robloxian looked in shocked. Could this be??????

Yes it is! A bed room. The robloxian ran in the bed room and jumped on the bed. Steve was annoyed. The Robloxian didn't learn his lesson even when being warned. Steve had to do what he was good at. He had to kill him. Steve walked in the bed room only to find the roboxian laying on the bed eating a pie. Steve was really angry.

"Hey you! Get the hell out of my house!" Steve exclaimed at the Robloxian.

The Robloxian smirked. "It is very comfortable in here."

The fight was on



Steve attacked first and used his strategy to take advantage of the unprepared robloxian who was still on the bed. He swung his sword and hit the robloxian in the chest. The robloxian was given a scar across the chest. The Minecraftian reared back his sword ready to finish the Robloxian by decapitating him. When he swung he hit nothing. It turns out the Robloxian dodged the blow. The Robloxian proceeded to heal from the scar across the chest.The Robloxian whipped out a pistol and fired it at Steve. Steve was wounded by it. Quickly he blocked the bullets with his diamond sword. The sword was so strong the bullets bounced off. Steve punched the robloxian in the face and grabbed his arm and lifted him. He slammed him to the ground. The Robloxian managed to shoot Steve a few times with the pistol. 

"I got some long range weapons to." Steve said whipping out a bow and arrow. He reared it back and fired. The arrow was in his torso causing blood to spurt out. The Robloxian managed to heal. The Minecraftian fired multiple arrows but the Robloxian dodged due to his speed. Steve pulled out his diamond sword and swung it only for the robloxian to dodge. Steve punched but the Robloxian ducked and slide kicked Steve. Steve pulled out an blue egg. The Robloxian pulled out a shotgun right at that time Steve threw the egg. The Robloxian fired creating smoke. When the smoke cleared there was nothing left on the Minecraftian. The Robloxian must have shot the Minecraftian into oblivion. Suddenly Steve teleported behind him and punched him in the back off his head.

"You may be fast but I can teleport."

The Robloxian pulled out a bazooka and fired it causing an explosion. The Robloxian pulled out a speed coil and ran at him. Steve was to slow and was beat up. Steve pulled out the blue egg. He threw it. The Robloxian ran at him only for Steve to teleport behind him. The Robloxian ran at him and punched him and kicked him. The Robloxian pulled out a shotgun and aimed at Steve's head. He pulled the trigger. The poor Miner's head was bleeding. Quickly Steve pulled out a potion. He threw at the Robloxian. It hit the robloxian right in his face. Weird, what was that? Well whatever it was it was it made the Robloxian sick and vommit uncontrolabley. It turns out this was a poison potion. Finally the Robloxian recovered and pulled out a bomb. He dropped it and it exploded causing a explosion that destroyed most of the minecraftian's house. Both Combatants were sent flying. The Robloxian was only a little injured while Steve was more wounded. 

"Looks like your plan of trying to fight me blew up in your face. Damn I need to think of better puns." The Robloxian said.

The Robloxian pulled out an slingshot and fired it at the Miner. Steve was covered in small wounds. The Robloxian took advantage of the situation and pulled out a rubber ball. He threw it at Steve. It bounced off him. The Miner was reduced with a bruise to his stomach. The Robloxian proceeded to fired multiple rubber balls. Steve proceeded to pull out his diamond sword and sliced them in half. He pulled out another potion and threw it at the Robloxian causing him to get wounded. He quickly healed. The Robloxian pulled out his sword and slashed Steve across his back. Steve pulled out a potion and threw it at the Robloxian. The Robloxian screamed in agony and collasped.It wasn't because of the impact the potion it was because of the effect. This was a damage potion. Steve pulled out a healing potion and drank it, he healed. He punched The Robloxian away. Steve pulled out his diamond sword and charged at the Robloxian. Both Diamond sword and regular sword clashed creating sparks. The Result? Quite Simple. The diamond sword cause lel stronger broke the regular sword. Steve stabbed the Roboxian in the torso multiple times before doing a sword combo on him. �The Robloxian pulled out an assault rifle and shot Steve in the face before he could slice him into pieces. The Robloxian proceeded to gun him down.

"Huh Noob!" The Robloxian said. Steve pulled out his pickaxe and slammed it the Robloxian. The Robloxian was reduced with a hole in his gut and he healed. While he was healing Steve went underground with the pickaxe. The Robloxian looked around for Steve only for him to jump out of the hole behind him. Steve swung the sword sliced open his back and flesh. It nearly broke the spine. The Robloxian managed to heal and dodge another swing before getting bisected by the sword. The Robloxian pulled out his throwing knife and threw it at Steve's body leaving a scar. Steve grabbed the knife and pulled it out and kicked the Robloxian. The Robloxian threw multiple punches at Steve. Steve pulled out a potion and threw at the Robloxian. The Robloxian saw where this was going. He felt weaker. Steve had more when that came from. He pulled out a strength potion and a speed potion and drank them both. The Robloxian was met with multiple punches rapidly. Each of them damaged the Robloxian's face. When the Minecraftian finished the Robloxian's face was a bloody mess. The Robloxian threw a punch but the potion made him so weak. It just didn't have an affect. The Robloxian managed to heal from the weak potions and his bloody face. The Robloxian pulled out a paintball gun and fired it at Steve. Steve's left leg was painted red. The Robloxian started spamming bullets as Steve pulls out the blue egg and throws it. Steve teleported behind the Robloxian and punched him in the back. Steve pulled out some TNT and spawned multiple blocks. He pulled some flint and steel and used it to ignite the TNT. Quickly Steve pulled out the eye of ender and threw it. He managed to teleported near the bridge as the TNT exploded. All the Robloxian could see is the whiteness of the explosion. The Robloxian's charged body hit the ground. He got up and healed. The Robloxian didn't have time and Steve pulled out an arrow reared it back and fired. It went into his head. The arrow didn't splatter blood and brain everywhere but the Robloxian still had an arrow lodged in his brain. Steve pulled out his shovel and dug into sand around them. Steve dug the sand below the robloxian causing him to fall into the hole. The Robloxian survived the fall. That strange usually people would die when they fall.  

"Ugh what the hell?" The Citizen said.

He pulled out his machine guns and fired it at Steve. Steve could handle the powerfull,fast,long range machinery and had wounds on him. Steve pulled out his bow and arrow and reared it back. He fired it knocking the gun straight out of his hand. The gun exploded. 

"Dammit!" The Robloxian yelled. "Good thing I carry backup."

The Robloxian pulled out a relover and fired 6 rounds of amoa at Steve. 

"Looks like my guns beat your weapons." The Robloxian scoffed. 

"Don't get cocky." Steve replied.

Steve grabbed his leg and slammed it on the ground. The Robloxian pulled out an Uzi and fired it at Steve's face. 

"You may have better weapons but what about your defense?" Steve asked even though he obviously knew the answer.

Steve proceeded to apply diamond armor to his head,torso,legs,and feet. The bullets bounced off the armor. The Robloxian pulled out a gravity coil. The Robloxian grabbed a hold of Steve and jumped high in the air. The Robloxian struggled a bit due to the weight of the diamond armor but netherless he managed to do it. In Midair the Robloxian leaped out of the hole. The Robloxian pulled out his bazooka. This was his strongest attack. He fired it causing an explosion. However Steve was still intact due to his armor.

"Grrrrr You are going down you mega man rip off!" The Robloxian pulled out his gravity coil and used to jump on his opponent. The Robloxian threw multiple punches at Steve. Suddenly Steve grabbed the Robloxian and threw the poor citizen 20 feet away. Steve ran up to the Robloxian and pulled out an axe.

"I will chop your head off!" Steve yelled.

Steve ran at The Robloxian and swung however the Robloxian used the speed coil to dodge it. Steve hit a tree instead slicing it in half. However Steve managed to do multiple chops on the Robloxian. Suddenly Steve dropped his axe. It had been worn out. Suddenly Steve saw a preasure plate 10 feet behind the Robloxian. If Steve chases the Robloxian 10 feet than the Robloxian would be six feet under(no pun intended). Steve ran at the Robloxian. The Robloxian had no defense tactic and was forced to run. Pretty quickly the Robloxian stepped on the preasure plate sending him underground. Steve jumped in the hole with him. The Robloxian pulled out his Uzi and fired multiple shots. Steve saw a preasure plate on a sand block a few feet away from the Robloxian. However under that sand block was a block of TNT. Steve punched the Robloxian knocking him on the preassure plate causing him to fall 10 feet underground. Not only that but this also set off the TNT causing an explosion creating a crator. Both Steve and the Robloxian fell in the crator. Suddenly the Robloxian pulled out a trowser causing it to create a wall as a barrier. Steve pulled out flint and steel and caused fires around both combatants. Finally Steve ignited the wall burning in and causing to fall apart. The fire spread and burned both combatants. However Steve had armor on. The Robloxian was badly burned and recovered. Steve had to burn him some more. Steve pulled out a bucket of lava and spawned across the wall of the crator. The Robloxian covered in lava and was going to melt soon if he didn't do something. Quickly the Robloxian pulled out a gravity coil and grabbed Steve. He jumped out of the hole and dropped Steve. The Robloxian landed on his feet. Steve saw a tripwire behind the Robloxian. Next to it was a wall of TNT. Steve ran at the Robloxian and the Robloxian ran for his life only to trip over the wire. This in the process set of the wall of TNT. When the TNT exploded it caused a city explosion that obliterated the city. Both Steve and the Robloxian where sent flying. Steve is gonna have to have a lot of building to do after this fight. The Robloxian pulled out a skateboard in midair and threw it on the ground. The Robloxian landed on the skate board in the nick of time. Meanwhile Steve didn't land of his feat. He landed on his back. Steve was still alive but his armor was damaged. Both combatants where near the bridge. Steve sees a racetrack on the sand they where on leading across the bridge. Steve pulled out the minecart and spawned it. He jumped in it. With a push the minecart moved forward. The Robloxian pushed his skateboard forward following Steve. 

On the bridge both combatant's vechicales clashed into each other creating sparks. Suddebly the Robloxian pulled out his bazooka. Since both vechicles were even the Robloxian decided not to play fair. He fired it at Steve. Steve managed to jump out of the minecraft right as the rocket hit the minecart causing it to explode. Steve pulled out the diamond sword and rushed at the Robloxian cleaving through the skateboard bisecting it. The Robloxian pulled out his motorcycle out of his butt. He drove it at Steve. Steve ran away and jumped on a car. The car begans to swerve violently. The Robloxian managed to do a wheelie the motorcycle the front half landing on the car roof of the car and drove up the motorcycle. The motorcycle was on the roof of the car. The Robloxian rammed right into Steve. Since they where on the roof of the car they blocked the windsheild causing the drive to accidently drive into other car creating explosions. Steve pulled out the eye of ender. The car was about to crash. He threw it. Finally the car crashed in the side of the bridge right as Steve teleported away. An explosion was caused. He looked to see the Robloxian badly injured. However the Robloxian quickly healed. Steve pulled out a pickaxe and whacked the Robloxian multiple times injuring him yet again.Finally the Pickaxe was worn out and was dropped. The Robloxian had holes in body but healed. Steve needed to use his shovel and whacked the Robloxian in the face multiple times.Hopefully he could dig him a hole when he killed him. Eventually unfortanately the shovel's durability was up and it's health had went down to nothing. The shovel was dropped once more. Steve decided to use all his remaining TNT. He spawned all the TNT he could. Finally he had no more blocks left as he used them all. TNT blocks where everywhere. But before he could set it off the robloxian pulled out a bomb and dropped it. Steve tried to pull out the eye of ender but in his hand was nothing. It turns out he used the last to to teleport away from the car crash.


The bomb exploded setting of multiple blocks of TNT before Steve could escape.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

and some cars blew up in the explosion

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Finally the TNT and the cars created one last huge firey explosion.


Suddenly Steve was lying on the ground. He saw the Robloxian's left arm lying on the ground. Perhaps the Robloxian had his limbs and head blown off. He found his armor missing and that he was injured. His armor had been destroyed in the explosion as well as him getting injured. The Robloxian was lying next to him. He was charred as well as missing his left arm. The Robloxian healed. 

"Man that was a big explosion right?" The robloxian said.

"I am going to kill you!" Steve yelled. Steve pulled out his diamond sword. The Robloxian dodged the swing. The Robloxian pulled out his bazooka. Quickly Steve pulle out some bricks and built a wall. The Robloxian fired multiple rockets at the wall. The wall didn't fall down but it was still probably damaged. The Robloxian pulled out a bomb. He dropped it and....


The bomb exploded blowing up the wall. Steve quickly pulled out his bow and arrow and reared it back. The Robloxian was going to give him time to rear it back completely. The Robloxian pulled out his assault rifle and causually shot Steve causing him to let go of the arrow sending it flying. The arrow impaled a guest's head as he fell lifeless. Well atleast Steve got to kill a Robloxian. Steve pulled out his diamond sword and The Robloxian pulled out his bazooka. The battle was gonna get real. The Robloxian fired the bazooka blowing off Steve's right arm. The diamond sword hit the ground. Steve held his bloody stump. Steve proceeded to reach down and pick up the sword with his remaining arm. Steve swung the sword. The Robloxian couldn't dodge and was hit. Steve did a sword combo on the robloxian. It was a series of slashes,stabs,and sword strikes. The Robloxian yelled in pain. When Steve finished the Robloxian was reduced to a bloody mess, he slumped the ground,limp. Steve walked away. That is until he heard something.

"Hey asshole!" The robloxian said.

Steve looked to see the Robloxian on a motorcycle.

"Over here!"

The Robloxian drove at Steve. He rammed into him. Steve was crushed under the tires and nearly run over. Tire marks where all over him.

"Gaaaah! Shit!" Steve exclaimed.

The Robloxian pulled out a shotgun and aimed it at Steve's head. The Robloxian pulled the trigger. Without his diamond helmet Steve's head splattered everywhere.


Blood and Brain flew everywhere. The last word's Steve saw was "YOU DIED" which was on the screen. The Robloxian put his motorcycle away. A assortment of items flew out of Steve. The Robloxian proceeded to collect it. 

"You did good dude better than those noobs I fight." The Robloxian said.

The Robloxian walked off. 


The Robloxian jumps into car some noob left on the bridge and drives into robloxia where he is seen shoving the raw beef he stole from Steve into a meat grinder turning it into a cheezburger, while some guest driving a car runs over Steve's corpse causing the car to explode reducing Steve into a blood mess of blood,meats,and organs.

Doge:Holy shit! They never show you that in Minecraft and Roblox.

Hyper Anon: This was close. Both were had an assorment of items to help them. While Steve was the surperior fighter being stronger,smarter,and better and hand to hand combat the robloxian had better weapons because they were long range. 

Doge:But what about Steve's arrow aren't they long range to?

Spongebob:First off Steve's arrow is long range but it is the only long range weapon Steve has. Not only that but Steve has to rear it back for like 10 seconds. The robloxian is prown to headshot Steve with a simple gunfire before can he can finish. Also the Robloxian is faster able to dodge bulets as well as his speed coil and transportation and more durable able to tank heights from buildings while Steve gets hurt from falling off a few blocks. The Robloxians healing factor saved him from every attack that would have killed him instantly.

Doge:But what about the eye of ender wouldn't Steve be faster than the robloxian because he can teleport? 

Hyper Anon:Actually no. The Robloxian is faster on foot. Second Steve could only teleport short distances since he can only throw the egg so far. Third We left out the Roblox teleporter which can teleport you to different games and dimensions. Not to mention you could teleport someone to by dragging them their. All the Robloxian needs to do is drag Steve to the teleporter teleporting them both in the air. The Robloxian will survive the height while Steve will die instantly. 4th the eye of ender has limits  

Doge: Steve may be hella smart but the Robloxian fought opponents smarter than him I mean this guy literally fights enemies that can predict your strategy. I hope they don't do that by reading minds they might know where   I've been! 

Spongebob: The robloxian had better weapons which both combatants rely on. The Robloxian has more experience because The minecraftian never been in a true fight while The Robloxian fights other robloxians all the time. The Robloxian had more destructive potientlal able to destroy buildings. There's no doubt that he can destroy Steve's walls. The Robloxians guns don't run out of amo while Steve's weapons break from being used to much. 

Doge: Steve needs to get it in his skull like the bullet that he was gonna lose.

Hyper Anon: The Winner is the Robloxian.




+More experience

+Long Range

+Better Weapons

+Better destructive potiental.

+Weapons have no limits

+More durable

-Not as Strong 

-Not as smart






+Traps gave him the edge

+Building helped him

+Armor also helped him a lot

+Teleportation can counter the long range


-Less experience

-Less durable

-Less destructive potiental

-Inferior weapons


The bloody mess of Steve disappered. Steve awoke. He was back in minecraftia. He looked at the destroyed city as well as the multiple explosions. He sighed. How was he gonna fix this?