Tails is a fictional character in Sonic the hedgehog.


Tails was born 1992 he had polydactyly causing him to have 2 tails. Anyway Tails ate garbage and was a pest since he dug into people's tomato plants and ate the tomatoes. He was diagnosed with Autism causing him to be shy and timid. 

Meeting Sonic

Tails was looking for food and walked into a dumpster. He found Sonic in there and that's how they met. They decided to form an alliance. SEGA decided to make a sonic sequel on that, Sonic the hedgehog 2.

Relationship with Sonic.

Tails is Sonic's humble and loyal friend. However Tails gets hungry and whenever he's hungry he tries to eat Sonic since Foxes eat hedgehogs. The reason why Sonic is not eaten alive is due to his speed. For example.

Tails pulls out a giant pot of boiling water.

Tails: Sonic! I made you a hot bath.

Sonic:gee thanks buddy

Tails:don't mention it.

Sonic jumps in.


When Sonic is relaxing Tails pulls out a carrot and cuts it up as well as a potato.

Sonic:say Tails what's for dinner.



Sonic tries to escape but sinks because he can't swin, Tails takes advantage of the oppurtunity and eats Sonic alive.

2 hours later.

Knuckles:I can't believe you ate Sonic

Tails:What Foxes eat hedgehogs

Sonic(in tails stomach):get me out of there.

Knuckles:hold still tails.

Knuckles Punches tails in the stomach causing him to puke Sonic.

2014 murder

In 2014 Screwattack made a death battle called Luigi vs Tails.

Luigi VS Tails | DEATH BATTLE! | ScrewAttack! - YouTubeEdit

▶* Mar 22, 2014 - Uploaded by ScrewAttack!Episode 32 - Nintendo VS Sega! The trusty sidekicks of Mario and Sonic raise their dukes to see who is the ...

Tails kills Luigi by skewering him with the magic hand. Tail scavenged on Luigi's corpse and made him into a Luigi-Kebob.