Hyper Anon:Born in New Zealand before the Sniper was the Sniper. He was Mr Mundy

Doge:Mr Mundy?! What name is that?

Spongebob:A stupid name. Anyway Mr Mundy grew up spending time outdoors and camping. Because he always likes to stand outside in the sun which gave him his talent in sniping people. So he can be comfortable while shooting people.

Doge:Anyway when Mr Mundy decided to bring his sniping talent to America, he started "camping" other players. If you know what I mean.

Hyper Anon:Due to the Snipers skills in Sniping he became a member of the RED team.

Doge:Which are totally red because of the BLU's Blood. And when he is not shooting the shit out of his opponents he spends his days riding in his camper van. Damn I could use one of those. By the way I always thought he rode Kangaroos, because he is from Australia.


Name:Mr Mundy

Occupation:Driving in his van, sniping(of course

First Appearence:TF2 (2007)

BOOM! headshot!

Spongebob:The Sniper's signature weapon is of course his sniper rifle

Doge:No shit sherlock! Anyway that Sniper rifle is one big ass Sniper rifle. Since he is a sniping class he is obviouly skilled at it! Look at that scope!

Hyper Anon:I knew you where going to talk about it. The Sniper actually has better aim than most of the red team due to his scope which can target people heads. It can even penetrate the Heavy weapons guy.

Doge:Who is a fatass with a bigass minigun. Considering that he is morribly obese it would probably take a while to penetrate his skin.

Spongebob:But the Sniper's best skill with is-

Doge:Fucking headshotting! Hell yeah! That's why TF2 characters are badass.

Hyper Anon:The Sniper doesn't always rely on sniper rifles. For example he wields a bow and arrow called the huntsman.