A Triceratops.

Triceratops is an extinct species of herbivorous dinosaur that lived from 68-65 million years ago. It is one of the most popular herbivorous dinosaurs. It coexisted with the Tyrannosaurus Sex, and often fought it. It will appear in Dinosaur Simulator the movie but it likely won't be an antagonist since it's a herbivore, meaning it eats plants and is harmless and means no harm to humans since it won't eat them.


Triceratops is a dull orange with brighter orange markings similar to the Velociraptor. It's frill both has dull orange and bright orange markings. It's body is dull orange with bright orange markings. It's covered in scales, and it's belly is covered is flat square scales on it's belly similar to that of a alligator. Potruding from it's back and tail are quills. 


  • Triceratops was originally going to have orange and yellow markings on it's frill and it's body was going to be brown and covered in biege/yellow spots.
  • Triceratops being orange possibly says that it lived in a forest filled with orange leaves or it lived in a somewat sandy area with orangish sand or it lived in a meadow with orangish plants.