Here is the Trivia of all my DBs, inspired by Deviantart Death Battle users.

Deadpool vs Derpythetroll16



674 words

Honestly, this match was kinda retarded. Of course Derpy was going to win! He's me, Killing him would be killing myself! The only time Derpy has ever lost in any of my fights was in Derpythetroll16 vs Sayaka Miki and even then, he tied with her and was knocked out. Not to mention, I did not mention any of Deadpool's physical feats and deadpool only killed Ajax in the movie not in the canon. And the reason why they are fighting is really dumb, Derpythetroll16 runs into Deadpool who challenges him by saying "hey you fight me." The fight is mediocre, but this possibly one of my best battles as of Mid 2015. Compared to my older fights, this one is a masterpiece. 


  • Deadpool is actually faster now.
  • Derpythetroll16 has no abilities now, considering all the fanfiction I made where Derpythetroll16's abilities came from is no longer canon, so Deadpool cuts Derpy's head off.
  • This isn't actual an offical episode, it's an unofficial pilot.
  • Despite being my shortest fight, this fight is techically my longest since it took Deadpool 2 weeks to regenerate during the fight.

Flappy Bird vs King Ping


Flappy Bird vs King Pig



2382 words

The connection really sucked. I originally was going to do Horton vs Evil Flippy until the page got vandilized so I did this instead. From the start, I knew King Pig was going to win. But I never knew the fight was going to be close considring Flappy Bird can hit the ground with enough for to kill himself instantly and that he can fly up to the clouds with ease which makes him Mach 17. So Flappy Bird is stronger and faster but King Pig does have the edge in durability while Flappy Bird is basically a glass canon. King Pig is also smarter and has a better arsenal and defense that can help him keep up with Flappy Bird's superior stats. Despite the horrible connection, I still did a job with making the fight.


  • Originally I wasn't going to give Flappy Bird his MLG form.
  • I made this battle while I was sick.
  • Originally Mario was going to appear but I scraped that.
  • I love how both of them have actually abilities and are usuable for death battle.
  • I also love how Flappy Bird was physically superior.

Cell vs Shadow The Hedgehog



1633 words.

I was thinking of ideas for Shadow, and Cell came. I knew that Cell was going to win. I made a pretty good fight netherless.