WWE's Lance Hoyt's quotes before fighting someone. A bland rip-off from MK X's Gorro.

Archer: Regal! Regal: I am the Leader of Sexier-Tan-U-Topia! Archer: I am ready.

Archer: You challenge me? Pyro: For your title. Archer: Then let us begin.

Archer: A number one contender? Big Show: One who will best you. Archer: Prepare for defeat!

Archer: John Senna. Cena: Don't you owe me some T-shirt? Archer: Here is what you are owed!

Archer: Another wannabe me! Astronaut: You're a tall tower o' water. Archer: In which you shall drown!

Archer: I am here, fool! Shelton: Was wondering if you was gunna show up on our show. Archer: I have indeed showed up!

Archer: Steamboat! Steamboat: Your title - gimmie! Archer: I'll not abide your commands, Mighty Dregen!

Archer: You exude egoistical energy all around the bloody ring! The Mizz: I do, half-wit! Archer: It matters not.

Archer: John Morrison! Morrisen: Shall we team up again, Vance? Archer: Never, you failure of a man!

Vance: Yoshi Tatsu. Tatsu: An honour to face you, multi-champion. Archer: Perhaps you really can fight like a warrior!

Archer: Copper! Mickey: Go back to RAW! Archer: I take commands from no one.

Archer: Evan Born! Bourne: That's me, Archir. Archer: There is a ton of cowardice in you!

Archer: Your money could never buy my title! DiBiase: With the aid of Lee Carla, our master, your title will belong to me in due time! Archer: Thank you for exposing yourself. :P

Archer: Mad Hatter! Bring your Beast! Hatter: I shall. It will be a handicap. Archer: You two are worthy opponents.

Archer: Barbara! Beshter: The RAW coward shows his face. Vance: Your words foretold your sithy fate!

Archer: Prepare yourself! Woody: Das it? No stirring speech? After everything we've been through? Archer: I fight. That is all.

Vance: Clurkicus. Clurkicus: You seek my aid, Archer? Archer: Never, deceiver!

Archer: Water God! Water God: You have little hope of victory. Archer: Your power level does not fit with your ego!

Archer: Skeletor! Skeletor: You... Archer: I will tear you apart!

Archer: Shinnok! Shinnok: Lord Shinnok! And have you come to pledge your services to my clan? Archer: I serve no one! Least of all the fakers...

Archer: Hornswoggle. Hey Horny! Hornswoggle: Archer, ya know the score, go easy on me, k? Archer: I'll never show mercy to weaklings like you!

Archer: Stone Cold, Steve Autism! Stone Cold: Go screw yourself. Archer: That I shan't, bold one.

Archer: The Rock! Rock: You would attack the strongest SmackDowner there is!? Archer: No one is stronger than me, downer!

Archer: It's McIntyre... Drew: I will taste victory! Archer: U will taste RAW fury!