A velociraptor

Velociraptor is a small extinct species of raptor, that was around for 75-70 million years ago. It was extremely popular since it's appearence in Jurassic Park which is highly innacurate for a variety of reasons. It will appear in dinosaur simulator the movie presumingly as an antagonist. 


The velociraptor is covered in dull orange/biege feathers. The only body parents not covered in feathers are the snout, the hands, and the feet. The feathers around the face are brighter orange, and it has bright orange feathers protruding from it's arms,creating wings. It's tail has feathers protruding from the side and it's tail has bright orange stripes. It also has cat like eyes.


  • Originally the velociraptor was going to be biege/dull yellow, but derpythetroll16 lacked the color pencils, so he just chose light orange as a subsitute.


  • Contrary to popular belief velociraptors were only 2-3 feet tall and 6 feet long at most.(It's unknown if they would be that size in the comic) They were about the size of chickens, and would run away if they saw a human, instead of attacking them. This would make it's role as antagonist very innacurate. The only way it would eat a human was if said human was already dead when the raptor found it.