Hello I am hyper anon here and welcome to video game mashups. This episode is Naruto vs Minecraft.

goal 1# make tnt

Gaara is minecraft survival mode. He is walking when is he is apporached by creepers. He uses his sand and crushes a creeper causing it to drop gunpowder. Gaara throws the gun powder in the air and covers it with his sand creating tnt.He turns to tnt back into mineral and collects it. He gets sorrounded by a pack of creeper. The creepers are about to explode but he does the body flicker and teleports away causing the creepers to self destruct without blowing him up. 

goal 2# mine for redstone 

When the creepers exploded they created a large hole. Gaara jumps in the hole and does a flip to shorten the fall and pulls out his sword. He lands on his feet unharmed stabbing a zombie through his chest as he landed on his feet. A pack of zombie runs at him. Gaara uses the sand tomb on one zombie crushing him and causing the blood to spurt out the Zombie does a wihelm scream.Gaara a sand bullet on one zombie slashing him in half. Gaara does several sand bullets on the zombies killing them. After all the zombies are dead. Gaara sees the redstones and attempts to mine one with his pickaxe but the pickaxe wears down so he uses his sword to slice all the redstones until they are reduced to minerals.He collects the minerals and does the body flicker and teleports out of the hole.

goal 3# defend yourself.

it is nighttime and the zombies,skelatons,and spider come out. Gaara spawns the redspawn sets off the tnt and does the body flicker and teleports away causing the tnt to exlode killing several zombies,skelatons,and spiders. The remaining mobs approach him but he does and sand wave killing them all.

goal 4# go to the end.

he sees the ender portal opening and pulls out a black ninja suit and puts it on. He jumps in the portal. An enderman sees him and can't tell if he is an enderman. Gaara does the body flicker and the enderman thinks he is another enderman.

the end