Whet Faartz is the spanish teacher in High School Horror and Baby Mama.


In High School Horror Part 1, he unintetionally causes Maddie to get bullied by revealing that she was a transgender to the class when Sheila asked where "Max(however Sheila likely already knew) In Baby Mama Part 1, he is seen teaching spanish. Chloe asks Whet Faartz if she and Bryson can go to the nurse. Whet Faartz lets them. In High School Horror Part 5, he asks the school what "Tengo diarrea explosivo" means in English. Later when the kids in the class start leaving the school building because of a fire, he wonders why everyone is leaving until the fire spreads into his classroom. He believes he is seeing things until the fire reaches him and melts his face off. He was later rescued and is getting a face transplant using the corpses of Vicky, Thalia and Lola.


  • His name is a play on the words, "Wet farts".
  • When everyone is leaving the school, he says "
    ¿Por qué todos se van de mi clase?" which translates into "Why is everyone leaving my class?". When the fire spreads in his classroom he says "Que demonios?! Creo que los tacos me están haciendo ver cosas!" which translates into "What the hell?! I think the tacos are making me see things!" When he is caught in the fire he says "no, definitivamente no veo cosas! Creo que mi cara se está derritiendo" which translates into "No, I definitely do not see things! I think my face is melting!". After his face melts he says "No puedo sentir mi cara" which translates into "I can not feel my face"