180px-Yoshi FS



Espio the Chameleon


One minute melee 


Yoshi is walking around


Super Mario World - Overworld Theme Music (FULL ...Edit


Suddenly out a warp pipe pops out Espio. Right as Yoshi was eating Koopas.

Espio:fight me

Yoshi gets into a fighting stance.

Go for broke fight! 

Epsio attacked first doing a ninja kick on Yoshi. Yoshi used his tongue to grab Espio. Yoshi eats him and lays an egg. The egg hatches. Espio camuflauged buying him enough time to sneek up behind Yoshi and reappear behind his back kicking him. Espio was met with a power full kick to the gut by Yoshi.


Epsio pulled out Shuriken Star and threw it at Yoshi.However Yoshi's jump allowed him to dodge. Espio does a ninja jump and lands on Yoshi. Yoshi jumps in the air the result was Espio falling off. Yoshi lands on his feet. Only to be stabbed by Espio's Kunai. Espio did a rapid ninja combo on Yosh


Yoshi pooped out multiple yoshi eggs and threw them. Espio sliced through them with his Kunai like it was nothing. Espio ran at Yoshi. Yoshi was met with multiple Ninja Moves. Yoshi suddenly grabs Espio and throws him. This bought yoshi enough grab a Koopa with his tongue eat it and poop it out as an egg.


Yoshi grabs the egg and throws it at Espio. Suddenly Espio disappears.He reappears behind Yoshi and ninja kicks him. Espio pulls out a throwing star and throws it at Yoshi. Espio then pulls out a Kunai and slashes Yoshi and stabs him. Espio throws the kunai.


However Yoshi dodged due to his high jump. Yoshi landed safely to the ground. Espio ran at a castle jumped on it and began to climb it. Espio jumped off and kicked Yoshi. Espio threw a punch however Yoshi dodged due to his speed. Yoshi took advantage of the situation and kicked Espio head on.


Espio pulls out a Kunai and throws it at Yoshi. Yoshi ran at Espio and grabbed him and threw him.


Espio lunged at Yoshi. Yoshi uses his speed to collide into Espio. Yoshi jumps in the air and lands on the chameleon. Espio was trapped.Yoshi uses his tongue to catch Espio the result was Yoshi's tongue skewering Espio's skull. He than put his tongue back in his mouth Decapitating him. The limp body of Espio slummped to the ground. Yoshi saw same apples now time for desert

This melee's victory goes to Yoshi.