Baby Mama is a series made by Derpythetroll16. It featured 2 of High School Horror's minor characters; Bryson and Chloe. The series was about them struggling to raise a child after Bryson impregnates her. The reason as to why they struggled was because both of them were extremely poor.


In Part 1, Bryson's girlfriend Riley dumps him because he's poor; Chloe (who's also poor) then cheers him up and they develop a relationship. One day Chloe invites Bryson to her house, where they have sex (censored). Chloe wakes up not feeling good and Bryson takes her to the nurse, the nurse tells Chloe that she is pregnant and Chloe tells Bryson. When Bryson suggests an abortion, Chloe says she can't get one; her parents are to poor to afford one, Chloe expects Bryson to leave her but Bryson love her to much. A few months later Chloe is about to give birth and at lunch time XxdarkageknightxX gives Bryson parenting advice. When Chloe goes into labor at the nurse's officer, Bryson is by her side and watches as the baby comes out. The baby is a girl which Chloe names Kelly, Bryson asks how are they going to support Kelly, which Chloe replies "Uh-oh".


The series is currently postponed or possibly cancelled after it's first part. This was for a variety of reasons.

  1. Derpythetroll16 has lost interest in the series currently
  2. The series had poor reception, High School Horror Part 1 has over 4500 views and gains views rapidly, High School Horror Part 2 and 3 although not as popular are still gaining views and have over 300 and 200 views respectively. The first part of Baby Mama only has 46 views. Also Freddy8561 and Derpythetrol13 didn't enjoy the series as well as possibly the majority of Derpythetroll16's fans.
  3. The series was inappropriate for the majority of Derpythetroll16's fans. Although it may be appropriate for Derpythetroll16's original targeted audience, (Derpythetroll16's videos were orignally TV-14-MA-17) most of the fans Derpythetroll16 had were kids. One thing that makes the video inappropriate is the infamous sex scene.
  4. The first part was made as a project in February 2018 which explains why it is somewhat rushed compared to High School Horror. The video was released in May 2018 because Derpythetroll16's former teacher was about to give birth and Derpythetroll16 was going to show her the video, but Derpythetroll16 ended up not doing it because he was afraid it would offend her.
  5. Since the series was released when HSH was still running, Derpythetroll16 was so busy trying to wrap up HSH, he couldn't focus on the series
  6. Derpythetroll16 also can't think of any ideas for part 2.


  • Part 1 was made a few days before High School Horror Part 3 released.
  • The series was originally made in February
  • The series was orignally supposed to be released in June/July (The scheduled time that the High School Horror series will end)
  • Originally, Chloe was going to give birth to a boy named Jeremy
  • Originally there was going to be a scene with Bryson talking to his older brother in his brother's car.
  • Originally Chloe was going to be hit in the stomach by bullies while pregnant
  • All the original ideas above were cut to save time.